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BG Staffing’s specialized divisions give you the resources, tools and expertise you simply can’t find at other IT recruitment agencies. We’re more than a typical accounting and finance recruitment agency or technology recruiting firm; with BG Staffing, you can choose from our specialized divisions to serve each of your most crucial verticals.

Strategic recruitment solutions. Specialized experts. Profitable growth.

  • Spend less time recruiting talent
  • Increase access to specialized skill sets
  • Convert fixed costs to variable
  • Improve productivity and profitability

Your Future. Our Purpose.

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Services we offer:

Contract Staffing

Manage peaks and valleys in workflow, cover vacation and medical leaves, and fulfill specific project requirements. Contract staffing allows you to shift personnel costs from fixed to variable, scale staff to meet demand and access specialized skill sets.


Assess candidates on the job to ensure work ethic, skills and performance before extending an offer. Reduce the risk of making hiring errors.

Direct Hire

BG Staffing’s recruiters source, interview and check references to your specifications, presenting only the best candidates for you to choose from.