Extrinsic Workday Consultant completes Electrical Manufacturing Company’s project in just two weeks - Client Challenge A large Electrical Manufacturing company in the Midwest was live on Workday and urgently needed a consultant to develop custom BIRT reports. They needed custom Merit Statements to be developed using the Workday Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) in a short period of time. Identified Resource Extrinsic identified a star Workday Reporting... Read more »
Extrinsic Consultant’s experience in Workday HCM implementations streamlined processes for Financial Services Company - Client Challenge A large Financial Services company in the Southeast needed a Workday Consultant to review and update various Talent- and Performance-related business processes, including performance reviews, talent reviews, feedback, disciplinary actions, and mass operations.   Identified Resource Extrinsic identified a dedicated Workday HCM technology professional whom specialized in Workday HCM implementations. Working across multiple... Read more »
Extrinsic fills Media Company’s urgent Workday HRIS need with a long-term solution - Client Challenge A Media Company in the Northeast ran into trouble when all of their Workday HRIS team left. They contacted Extrinsic with an urgent Workday Recruiting need, as they had just entered their Workday production environment.   Identified Resource Extrinsic identified a stellar Workday Consultant with 12+ years in the Workday HRIS field with... Read more »
Recruiter Tip – Three Common Interview Mistakes - 1. Not preparing. This may sound obvious and you may already feel confident and prepared but go the extra mile and prepare even more. There’s always something more you can learn about the company and the position. Plan which stories and/or data points you can use to emphasize the words on your resume. Additionally, preparation... Read more »
Opportunities Move Quickly - With your experience in independent consulting, you’ve most likely realized that the opportunities you want to pursue typically close just as quickly as they open. It’s a competitive market and a lot of other equally qualified candidates are chomping at the bit to hop on their next project. Timing is everything – so what can... Read more »
Back to Basics – The Trifecta - The independent world can be unpredictable at best, so it’s important to maximize what you can control as a consultant: 1. LinkedIn Do you really need a LinkedIn? Yes. As an independent consultant, you are your own brand and having a LinkedIn presence is important. However, if LinkedIn isn’t really your thing – that’s okay!... Read more »
Recruiter Tip – Reference Checks - The staffing industry has grown year after year and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future – surprising, right? Whether you are a veteran consultant or recently started your consulting career, there is a decent chance you have already been contacted by one or more staffing agencies this week alone. While some companies pride... Read more »
Got the interview? Now what? Don’t just sit back and wait! Be proactive and beat out the competition! - Preparation is key to a successful interview! All too many times do we find ourselves feeling overly confident that we are going to win the position only to find out that someone else did more homework. Be fully prepared for those unexpected questions. Also, make sure you learn your CV and previous experience. Don’t forget... Read more »
Recruiter Tip for Consultants – Ask Questions - Recruiter Tip for Consultants – Ask Questions   An interview can be both exciting and stressful, and your level of preparation ahead of a meeting can make or break your chances at the role, regardless of your skillset. The types of questions you ask during an interview can say so much about your personality and... Read more »
You Snooze, You Lose - Timing is Everything Seasoned independent consultants know all too well that the hiring process can end up feeling like a game of “hurry up and wait.” Due to this mindset, even the most qualified candidates can fall into a cycle of believing they have time to burn and miss out on making a first impression.... Read more »