There are many good reasons to work with American Partners.

Recognized for delivering expert talent at reasonable rates, American Partners stands for integrity. Knowing that businesses work within unforgiving time constraints, American Partners is able to deliver the right candidate within 48 hours in our core areas. We are able to do so through our strong network of the top 20% of BI/Analytics, EPM and ERP specialists who have been pre-qualified through our extensive quality control process. As a result, we have a 95% acceptance rate.

We work hard to attract and retain the best in the business, continuously growing our VIP Program and building a network of preferred consultants in our fields of expertise. Our team and consultants must meet the highest of standards. Strict reference checks and post-job evaluations are enforced, and recruiters must obtain verbal and written permission before releasing any resume.

Our goal since the company’s inception is to be the leading staffing firm in the Business Intelligence/Analytics, Enterprise Performance Management and Enterprise Resource Planning markets – and we are succeeding. With the ability to tailor services to meet your needs, we will exceed your expectations. Confident in our services, we challenge our clients to compare us to the competition. Just ask our references!

In the end, it’s all about trust. Our client partners trust us because they know that we deliver on our promises.

Quality Control Process

  • Initial 13-point assessment to understand a consultant’s needs and abilities to ensure fit with a role
  • On-site Orientation designed to open lines of communication and set expectations to increase productivity
  • Scheduled Quality and Productivity Reviews to ensure that your expectations are communicated and met
  • Finish Management to ensure that assignments are successfully completed
  • Dedicated legal team that gives us a full understanding of all visa, work permit, and citizenship requirements
  • Full compliance of all tax, audit and insurance requirements
  • Drug and background checks completed upon request
  • Comprehensive database that tracks the best (and the worst) in the business


Make Smarter Business Decisions – And Build A Better Bottom Line.