Talent Acquisition Solutions from Donovan & Watkins

Our best-in-class Talent Acquisition Process ensures we match the skills and experience of candidates with the needs and environment of clients, regardless of the position type.

Project Resources

Donovan & Watkins’ Project Resources offering assists our clients with balancing the high demands placed on accounting, finance, and human resources departments in a very competitive marketplace. In today’s economic environment, business leaders are challenged with controlling costs, while advancing new initiatives and sustaining current processes. Having the right team of talent to meet these demands is crucial to an organization’s success.

Our project resources have been in your shoes and offer customized scalable solutions to meet these demands. From general ledger accounting, software implementation and data conversions to internal audit support, financial reporting and process optimization, our project resources ensure your team is fully aligned and operating at the most efficient levels possible.

We supply talent for the following project environments:

  • SEC Reporting
  • Process Improvement Initiatives
  • Merger and Acquisition Support
  • IPO Readiness
  • Financial Statement Consolidations
  • Reconciliation Clean-Up Support
  • Oil and Gas Consulting
  • ERP Implementation Support
  • SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) Compliance
  • Corporate Tax Support
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Integration Support
  • Shared Services


Contract staffing offers a complete spectrum of flexibility, and that’s why it’s ideal for clients and candidates alike. For our clients, contract staffing allows companies to focus on projects and deliverables, stay within budget, scale up or down current staff, and optimize project completion with the right staff. For our candidates, contract staffing allows flexibility and a chance to gain experience in a variety of work environments.

Donovan & Watkins works with both the employer and job seeker to ensure goals and needs are met quickly to minimize costs and create the right connections. We get to know everyone involved in the process. That’s because the more we know, the better we can facilitate great relationships.

Contract to Hire

Donovan & Watkins understands the necessity of staying flexible. That’s why we work with our clients to understand their immediate and long-term goals. We are able to provide staffing options that give them the opportunity to hire contract talent into a full time position. We understand that very often, once both parties (the employer and the candidate) have had an opportunity to work together, the relationship culminates in an ideal long-term contract or in direct employment.

Depending on your staffing needs, we work with you to determine if a contract to hire staffing solution is the best choice. This gives the employer a chance to review the work ethic, skill set, and work performance of the employee prior to offering a full-time position. Getting a chance to work with our candidates and make sure they fit into your company’s long-term plans is essential to reduce risks and minimize costs. Additionally, from the candidate’s standpoint, this allows our professionals to make an informed choice as to whether the candidate and company are a good match.

Donovan & Watkins knows how critical aligning the right people together can be. Our proven process ensures that the end goal is a long-term relationship for everyone involved.

Direct Hire

Donovan & Watkins identifies core talent that makes a difference in your organization’s day-to-day operations. You need professionals who will make a valued contribution to the achievement of your vision and mission. Recruiting the right talent for your direct hire needs in a timely manner requires collaboration, responsiveness, feedback, a sense of urgency, offer generation, and our unique Talent Acquisition Process to ensure we find the best candidate for your organization quickly and efficiently.

We understand the many benefits of placing the right people in the right roles. We are also familiar with the disruption and expense of bad hires. Our direct hire recruiting teams work within tight constraints and timelines to find you the right talent for your organization. Our dedicated team will work with you to develop, lead, and execute the search on behalf of your company.