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BGSF Fills Company’s Workday Project On Time and On Budget

Feb 7, 2020, 14:42 PM
Title : BGSF Fills Company’s Workday Project On Time and On Budget


Client Challenge

In the implementation stage of their Workday project, Extrinsic’s client, a Financial Services company in Texas, did not have a resource on their team who could provide configuration support for the Performance Management module, Calibration module and their current compensation structure for global entities or provide best practice guidance. The client came to Extrinsic with an urgent need to help them find this resource, as the Performance Management and Calibration modules were scheduled to launch in just one month with go-live right around the corner.

Identified Resource

Within just 24 hours, due to their vast network of established Workday resources, Extrinsic identified a specialized consultant with six+ years of proven experience in the Workday ecosystem. During that time, he completed three Global Performance implementations, including one Global Calibration project and multiple Advanced Compensation projects. He was also previously certified in HCM and Financials with additional experience in Reporting.

Actions and Solutions Delivered

Extrinsic’s consultant was brought on during the implementation stage just prior to go-live and provided a myriad of configuration support in the Performance Management module, Calibration module and the compensation structure for global entities, including support for compensation grades, bonus plans, and compensation plans. He created a working prototype of the Performance environment to review with the team during two weekly meetings.


Extrinsic was able to fill an immediate gap on their client’s project team. Their resource was able to provide the support the client needed, while effectively streamlining and automating processes based on best practices in Workday Performance and Compensation. The project was finished on time and on budget.


BGSF Fills Financial Services Company’s Immediate need with Proven Consultant to Finish Workday Project On Time and On Budget
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