A few of our favorite client success stories.

There's nothing better than helping our clients solve their toughest talent challenges.
Check out some of our latest client success stories.

American Partners Move Fortune 500 Corporation to Enterprise Planning Cloud

American Partners was tasked with guiding a multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores to migrate their current environment to the Oracle Enterprise Cloud Platform. 

Donovan & Watkins Builds Valued Partnership with a Commercial Litigation Firm

Donovan and Watkins was approached by a Houston commercial litigation firm, who has extensive experience prosecuting construction cases, to provide e-discovery document review services.

Food Industry Contract Packaging Company

This challenge was brought to InStaff by a company that wants skilled, reliable temporary staffing that they needed to effectively operate their 24/7 work environment. All while maintaining a high level of performance.  

Nonprofit Organization Utilizes BGSF to Fill the Shoes of HRIS Manager

A Nonprofit organization in North Carolina was informed that their Workday HRIS Manager was leaving for another opportunity. They reached out to BGSF to find a qualified consultant.

BGSF Focused on IT Risk Management and Compliance Management

One of the largest privately-held insurance companies in North America found themselves under increasing regulatory pressure as they expanded business lines into several key states previously dominated by their competition.

Successful Partnership Through BGSF

One of the largest communication technology companies in the world had a challenge within their version of PeopleSoft resulting in a breakdown of the application until BGSF got involved.

BGSF Supports Electronic Health Record Initiatives for Major Hospital Systems

BGSF quickly hires nearly 150 Health IT personnel to successfully support critical Electronic Health Record (EHR) initiatives and projects for major hospital systems. 

BGSF Accounting for Stock-Based Compensation

BGSF establishes financial accounting and reporting standards for stock-based employee compensation plans. 

BGSF Establishing Accounts Payable Shared Services Group

Our team of consultants assisted to establish an Accounts Payable Shared Services Group, upon the completion of a large acquisition. 

BGSF Spearheads Restart For Account With Equity Transactions

BGSF revamps account for equity transactions and proper recording for a regional utility company.

BGSF Implement and Update SOX Policies And Procedures

A publicly traded Oil Field Services company needed a review of their SOX policies and procedures that lead to implementation and updates.

With Creation of New Tool and Processes, BGSF develops Historical and Forecasted key metrics

Using QuickBooks for accounting and reporting while using Excel-based worksheets to forecast both operational and financial metrics, duplicates efforts creating room for errors.

BGSF Reduces Audit Fees

Our team of consultants worked directly with our client to develop a timeline for transitioning from Cash Basis Accounting to an Accrual Basis.  

BGSF Fills Company’s Workday Project On Time and On Budget

BGSF Fills Financial Services Company’s Immediate need with Proven Consultant to Finish Workday Project On Time and On Budget

BGSF Fills Candidate Positions For a Client

A software for services client needs to staff up to 16 positions within a four to a six-week window. BGSF gets it done!

BGSF SAP Consultant Solves Fix All Configuration Issues In the System

When previous configurations were done incorrectly, there were problems caused that were solved by BGSF Consultant

BGSF Complete Transitioning Operations For Sell

Assisting a $250 million-dollar National logistics company with the transition of the day to day operations of the company’s business for a sell-out to an acquiring business.  

Client Transitioned From Cash Basis Accounting to Accrual Basis Through BGSF

Our team of Consultants worked directly with the client to develop a timeline for transitioning from Cash Basis Accounting to Accrual Basis. 

BGSF Team supports with Kronos Implementation

The Director of IT Applications for a respected Healthcare provider in North Carolina was in urgent need of upgrading their Kronos timekeeping system. Read how our BGSF Consultant saved the day.

BGSF Electronic Check Request

Creating time saving methods and reducing costs through automating invoices and automating check requests. 

National Fire Operations Reporting System Improve through BGSF

Fire operations for the City of Memphis needed a boost of operational improvement, and BGSF delivers for the NFORS (National Fire Operations Reporting System) to better overall efficiency.

BGSF Building Rich Interior Hazard Maps for First Responders

BGSF and the University of Memphis combine to create smart maps that allow for first responders to navigate and locate critical and time pressing situations. 

BGSF Looks at Solutions for Transport-Challenged Populations

There is a need for improvement in transportation for the citizens that have limited access to it, BGSF and the University of Memphis tackle the issue by looking at infrastructure assisted autonomous driving. 

BGSF and Public Camera Implementation in Memphis

Memphis has an aging issue of non-working cameras flooded throughout the city, and this issue is tackled by the City of Memphis to replace these lights and improve safety, security, and crime prevention in the city. 

Bolstering Solid Waste Management Efforts with BGSF

The logistical side of Waste management can very easily be overlooked, but BGSF faces the issue head on to improve and fortify the logistical side of things. By solidifying the schedules, cut down on trash curbside time, and increase waste diversion statistics.

BGSF Integration of Virtual Fax Server

Traditional Fax machines are outdated and all businesses can benefit by transitioning into a Virtual Fax Server that will reduce costs, improve user productivity, and enhance security. 

BGSF and The Importance of Digital Signage

Communication is very key for every business and office to run efficiently, and to tackle efficiency head on Digital Signage is a big key that leads to better communication, increased productivity, and targeted/focused messaging. 

BGSF Multi-Currency ERP System Implementation

Business Scenario: BGSF Multi-Currency ERP System Implementation for an International Beverage Company proves successful. 

BGSF Provides Highly Functional GL System Speeding up the Financial Reporting Process

Our client needed assistance with the implementation of PeopleSoft General Ledger and nVision Reporting, BGSF worked directly with the client to develop a timeline for a two-phase solution.  

BGSF Tackles IT Risk and Security Initiatives

One of the largest privately-held insurance companies in North America found themselves under increasing regulatory pressure and here's how BGSF helped.

Some nice things said by even nicer people.

"Loved the energy and attitude of the staff from the office, they are really good on explaining and guiding you through the process. Definitely excited to be part of this company."

Donovan - InStaff Talent

"The staff at Donovan & Watkins are professional and thorough. Dariela is my recruiter and appears to know her client's needs and address them accordingly. I also appreciate the detailed communication with the personal approach...I don’t feel as if I’m just another file on her desk. Thank you all for your professionalism."

Valencia - Donovan & Watkins Client

"Work hard, play hard environment. Great work atmosphere and decent clients to support. Good team members to work with and hard-working support staff."

Anonymous - Vision Technology Operations Manager

"The team is incredible and always available. I feel like they actually look out for our needs and best interest. Thanks for all you do."

Daniel - Extrinsic Client

"Zycron is very professional and very helpful. Zycron started my new job right away and I owe it all to the Memphis Zycron branch. I have worked with them for 8 years now. Zycron is helpful, and always goes out of their way to find the position I am seeking. Zycron will thrive in the Memphis area. Thank you! "

Dylan - Zycron Programmer Analyst

"My experience has been great. BG is very professional, personable and responsive. They listen carefully to my job requirements and do their best to send me candidates that meet my criteria. I highly recommend them to other companies in need of personnel."

Jason - BG Talent Client

"My experience using BG has been great! I get many offers and follow up calls which make me think they really do have my best interest in mind."

Briahna - BG Talent General Office Assistant

"It is fantastic to have a dedicated staffing agency in our local area that has forged relationships with attractive clients. I have worked with 3-4 personnel and have very positive feedback for all with kudos on professional workforce knowledge, communication, and attentiveness. Thanks Extrinsic!"

Ed- Extrinsic Client

"Our experience with American Partners has been excellent. Krushna has proven to be an excellent resource."

John - American Partners Client

"Great staff. This agency finds you work fast, with good pay and lots of hours."

Enrique - InStaff Talent