Two Tips for Working with a Recruiter, from a Recruiter

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By Lisa Vago – ERP Recruiter 1. Help Us Sell You to the Client No matter how great we think you are for a role, it’s ultimately up to the client as to whether they feel the same or not. We often must work hard to promote not only you but also the value you would… Read more »

FASB Sign Accounting Adoptions – 2017

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New Demands on Compliance and Controls

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Quality Assurance: A Necessary Ingredient for Internal Control Management’s ability to fulfill its financial reporting responsibilities often depends on the design and effectiveness of the processes and safeguards it has put in place over accounting. While no control system can absolutely assure that financial reports will never contain material errors or misstatements, companies must discuss… Read more »

Revenue Recognition Follow Up Summary

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In January 2018, the new revenue recognition standard (Update No. 2014-09; ASC 606) takes effect. The standard has broad implications and may affect many parts of your organization: financial statements, business processes, taxes, and internal controls over financial reporting. It requires the collaborative efforts of multiple departments within the company, including financial reporting, IT, sales,… Read more »