Hot Jobs!

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This week we’re featuring open positions in Nashville. Are any of these a fit for you? If so, check out the details and apply today. If not, don’t forget you can still win by referring a friend. Project Manager – Nashville, Tennessee Zycron is looking for an experienced project manager to work in the Nashville… Read more »

The Benefits Of Hiring Temporary Employees

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In the past, many employers assumed temporary workers were little more than glorified secretaries. However, these days the savvy supervisor knows that temp employees come in all shapes and skill levels. Not only can a good temp help your company out in a bind, but she can also enhance performance and productivity company-wide.  Check out… Read more »

Do I Need A Resume For A Warehouse Job?

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Think you don’t need a resume for that manufacturing job? Think again! In today’s competitive job market, showing up to your interview with a resume in tow tells hiring managers that you have the professionalism and determination to succeed on any warehouse floor. Additionally, resumes give you a leg up on the competition by: Separating… Read more »

5 Ways To Avoid A High Turnover Rate

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There’s nothing worse than losing one of your top employees to another position…unless it’s losing all the money you invested in him or her as well. Yes, the fact is that turnover costs employers big bucks in hiring and training costs and can even harm a business’ overall reputation, should productivity suffer during the transition…. Read more »

Welch Named New CFO

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Zycron, Inc., named Greg Welch its new chief financial officer. Welch joins Zycron with more than 20 years of experience as an accounting professional.

Making A Promise… And Then Keeping It.

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Want to know the quickest way to lose a customer for life? Break a promise you made regarding a product or service! Yes, the fact is that most clients have long memories, and a business that fails to keep its promises is almost surely destined for failure. With 30 years of industry experience and 15… Read more »

Paying Minimum Wage: Why It’s So Last Year! Pay More, Earn More, Be More

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It’s no secret that businesses are created to generate a profit. And the biggest hit to many companies bottom-line is the cost of labor. So you wanna increase profits?  Just cut, slash and burn salaries, right? You’ll immediately trim expense and drive up profits. Sound like a strong strategy? If it does just think about… Read more »

4 Warning Signs to Consider When Applying For A Job

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Tired of toiling away at that job you despise? At InStaff, we specialize in connecting talented job seekers with a wide range of employment opportunities. However, not all positions are created equal. Based on our years of staffing experience, we’ve compiled a list of five criteria that all job searchers should look out for when… Read more »

How To Ensure Group Cohesiveness Between Your Permanent And Temporary Staff

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Remember how it felt to attend a brand new school for the first time? Coming into a company as a temporary employee can be just as scary. Oftentimes, there’s an existing camaraderie among permanent employees, and a temp worker can wind up feeling like the new kid in the cafeteria at lunchtime! Along with causing tension… Read more »

3 Tips For Managing Your Warehouse Team

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At InStaff, we have years of experience working with manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Understanding that small workflow problems can often have a significant impact on the bottom line, we specialize in helping warehouses staff and manage their employees more effectively. Here are three simple tips that managers can implement to help optimize the skills of… Read more »