Should You Be On LinkedIn? And How To Make Your Profile Better.

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Think social media is optional in today’s working world? Well, think again! Although you might not need to be a regular Tweeter or Imgurian to score that new job, LinkedIn is one social platform that’s an absolute must for the modern job seeker. From keeping up with industry trends to connecting you with potential contacts,… Read more »

Taking Someone From “Temp” To “Hired”: Signs They Are The Right Choice

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Just as one bad apple can turn a whole barrel rotten, one bad employee can have a negative effect on your entire staff. With temporary employment, business owners have the chance to try out workers before risking their company’s welfare in the long term. Along with its expert hiring services, InStaff specializes in helping businesses… Read more »

The Holidays Are Coming: Preparation Tips For Your Warehouse

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The holiday season means gift buying, eggnog imbibing… and a seriously busy time for retail businesses. Because of the increased workload, companies need to boost efficiency among their warehouse staffs or risk losing potential sales opportunities to the competition. Here are some expert tips to keep your warehouse running smoothly through the holiday season and… Read more »

Are You Hiring The Right Candidate? 5 Things to Watch Out For

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Do your staffing skills leave something to be desired? If your last few hires haven’t been quite up to the task, consider contacting InStaff for assistance. The Midwest’s source for trusted recruiting, we specialize in helping businesses find great candidates while avoiding all the biggest staffing pitfalls. Here are five things to watch out for… Read more »

Now That Fall is Here, 8 New Jobs to Apply For in Texas

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Fall is the time for drinking pumpkin lattes, donning Halloween costumes, and cuddling in front of a fire. It’s also a great time to apply for new jobs.  At InStaff, we specialize in helping Texas residents find not just jobs but also careers. If you’re looking to leave your current position before the snow starts,… Read more »

3 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

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Your employees tend to serve as the public face of your company, and their performance can affect both customer satisfaction and retention. While a happy employee may inspire customers to come back for more, less-satisfied staff can drive away business and even cause company performance to suffer. At InStaff, we believe that increasing employee productivity… Read more »

Yes Or No to Social Media in The Workplace

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Do your employees while away their hours on Facebook? Are they more likely to tweet at their cube mates than speak to them face to face? In today’s increasingly tech-reliant workplace, social media is a complex and divisive issue. And while you may be tempted to put a permanent ban on all things social, the… Read more »

Hot Jobs!

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This week we’re featuring open positions in Nashville. Are any of these a fit for you? If so, check out the details and apply today. If not, don’t forget you can still win by referring a friend. Project Manager – Nashville, Tennessee Zycron is looking for an experienced project manager to work in the Nashville… Read more »

The Benefits Of Hiring Temporary Employees

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In the past, many employers assumed temporary workers were little more than glorified secretaries. However, these days the savvy supervisor knows that temp employees come in all shapes and skill levels. Not only can a good temp help your company out in a bind, but she can also enhance performance and productivity company-wide.  Check out… Read more »

Do I Need A Resume For A Warehouse Job?

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Think you don’t need a resume for that manufacturing job? Think again! In today’s competitive job market, showing up to your interview with a resume in tow tells hiring managers that you have the professionalism and determination to succeed on any warehouse floor. Additionally, resumes give you a leg up on the competition by: Separating… Read more »