Make Summer Internships Worthwhile for Both Sides

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Interns offer a number of advantages for businesses, including access to free or discounted labor. However, if you want the experience to be a positive one for both interns and staff, there are a few steps you need to take. Here are some of InStaff’s suggestions for making summer internships worthwhile for both sides: Assign… Read more »

What to Look for in a Staffing Firm

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Tired of moving from one job to the next? Feel like you’re always a rung below where you should be on the corporate ladder? A good staffing agency doesn’t just connect you with your next position, but works tirelessly to help you build a meaningful and lasting career. Just as all job candidates aren’t created… Read more »

Don’t Rely on Perks to Help Culture

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Looking to build a robust company culture? Contrary to popular belief, a great culture is about a lot more than free snacks and video games in the breakroom. If you want to hire excellent people and retain them for the long haul, you need to look beyond the superficial perks. A leader in local staffing… Read more »

Identify Employees Who Are Good at Multitasking

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Are you the kind of person who can accomplish various chores simultaneously? If so, you are probably a multitasker. Not only is multitasking crucial for managing a home, it can also be a huge boon in the working world. A clerical worker, for example, may have to deal with incoming packages while talking to a… Read more »

How to Identify Problems at the Source

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No workplace is entirely free from conflict. And while respectful disagreements can help generate creative ideas, some forms of conflict are far less productive. When employee interactions become aggressive, or workers become resentful, businesses tend to suffer dips in both productivity and performance. Here are some tips to help managers identify workplace problems at the… Read more »

Increase Workplace Productivity by Boosting Morale

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It’s only natural for businesses to want to foster pleasant work environments for their employees. However, when morale is low, it’s not just employee happiness that suffers but their productivity and performance as well. Here are some tips to increase company productivity by boosting morale among your staff: Offer Rewards Just because your employees are… Read more »

Avoid These Four Customer Service Pitfalls

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Most of us have experienced bad customer service at one time or another. And while you probably know that a poor service experience can destroy your relationship with the client in question, you may not realize the effect it can have on referral rates across the board. With unhappy patrons increasingly turning to the Internet… Read more »

How to Build and Maintain Your Talent Pipeline

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All companies would like to boast rapid growth and development. However, your business is bound to struggle if you don’t maintain a solid pipeline for talent. Not only will you be unable to fill key positions, but your company will also suffer from the lack of new ideas. Still, finding the right employees is no… Read more »

Expand Your Candidate Search: 5 Ways to Land Millennials

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Millennial workers now comprise a significant portion of the available workforce. However, landing these highly selective candidates is not without its challenges. Here are five ways to find and recruit millennials successfully: Avoid Complications Love your new online application system? Unfortunately, your future job applicants may not agree. In fact, an overly complex application system… Read more »

4 Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

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The fact that your products usually leave the warehouse on time doesn’t necessarily mean your facility is efficient. On the contrary, you may be wasting thousands of dollars every year on a warehouse system that’s poorly organized and ineffectual. At InStaff, we pride ourselves on creating unique solutions for our clients’ warehouse needs. Here are… Read more »