BG Staffing’s President and CEO, L. Allen Baker, Jr., Named to the 2018 Staffing 100 List

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Staffing Industry Analysts’ List Recognizes Top Influencers BG Staffing, Inc. NYSE MKT: BGSF, a rapidly growing national provider of professional temporary staffing services, proudly announces that Staffing Industry Analyst (SIA), the global advisors on contingent work, has named L. Allen Baker, Jr., BG’s  President and Chief Executive Officer, to the  2018 Staffing 100 list. The… Read more »

Is This Job Candidate Reliable?

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Your business is only as strong as the employees who represent you to customers and clients. For this reason, businesses need to work extra hard to find job candidates they can count on to show up and get the job done. While every hiring manager wants to know if a candidate is trustworthy, few know… Read more »

What to Measure from Call Center Data

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Determining if your call center is functioning at optimum efficiency can be tricky. With any given call, there are a number of variables at play, and the aggregated data from all those customer interactions can be difficult to interpret. Still, you can’t just assume your customers are getting the service they deserve — you have… Read more »

Are Your Job Postings Too Descriptive?

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Are your job postings a little on the long-winded side? In the long run, poorly written or overly descriptive job postings can have a negative effect on your hiring rates. If your dull job listings are failing to attract the best of the best, it may be a time to turn your hiring over to… Read more »

Do Happy Employees Equal Happy Customers?

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It’s no secret that employees act as the public face of your company. Not only do they ensure that work gets completed in a timely and efficient fashion, but they are also the ones to interact with customers and clients. As a result, the happiness of your customer base may well depend on the happiness… Read more »

Make Summer Internships Worthwhile for Both Sides

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Interns offer a number of advantages for businesses, including access to free or discounted labor. However, if you want the experience to be a positive one for both interns and staff, there are a few steps you need to take. Here are some of InStaff’s suggestions for making summer internships worthwhile for both sides: Assign… Read more »

Don’t Rely on Perks to Help Culture

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Looking to build a robust company culture? Contrary to popular belief, a great culture is about a lot more than free snacks and video games in the breakroom. If you want to hire excellent people and retain them for the long haul, you need to look beyond the superficial perks. A leader in local staffing… Read more »

Identify Employees Who Are Good at Multitasking

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Are you the kind of person who can accomplish various chores simultaneously? If so, you are probably a multitasker. Not only is multitasking crucial for managing a home, it can also be a huge boon in the working world. A clerical worker, for example, may have to deal with incoming packages while talking to a… Read more »

How to Identify Problems at the Source

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No workplace is entirely free from conflict. And while respectful disagreements can help generate creative ideas, some forms of conflict are far less productive. When employee interactions become aggressive, or workers become resentful, businesses tend to suffer dips in both productivity and performance. Here are some tips to help managers identify workplace problems at the… Read more »

Increase Workplace Productivity by Boosting Morale

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It’s only natural for businesses to want to foster pleasant work environments for their employees. However, when morale is low, it’s not just employee happiness that suffers but their productivity and performance as well. Here are some tips to increase company productivity by boosting morale among your staff: Offer Rewards Just because your employees are… Read more »