BG Staffing’s President and CEO, L. Allen Baker, Jr., Named to the 2018 Staffing 100 List

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Staffing Industry Analysts’ List Recognizes Top Influencers BG Staffing, Inc. NYSE MKT: BGSF, a rapidly growing national provider of professional temporary staffing services, proudly announces that Staffing Industry Analyst (SIA), the global advisors on contingent work, has named L. Allen Baker, Jr., BG’s  President and Chief Executive Officer, to the  2018 Staffing 100 list. The… Read more »

A Skills-Based Resume – Is It Right For You?

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When was the last time you took a good, hard look at your resume? If it’s been a while, your format of choice may be sabotaging your job search. Also known as a functional resume, a skills-based resume highlights skills and accomplishments rather than particular jobs. Instead of listing positions chronologically, candidates set each skill… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Safety Management Software

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These days, companies have a lot on their plates, not the least of which is ensuring that their employees are safe on the job. Safety management refers to the practice of ensuring workplace risks are identified and mitigated. To help ease the burden, many companies offer EHS Management Software Systems. Not only does a good… Read more »

Interview Questions for a Forklift Operator

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People often make the mistake of assuming that interviewing is only stressful for the job candidate. However, the truth is that the process is often no picnic for the interviewer either! Not only does an employer need to find the right person for the job in question, but they must also consider the safety of… Read more »

Be Prepared for an Admin Interview

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Being an administrative assistant is no easy feat. After all, you have to anticipate the needs of your employer while dealing with other workers and customers and keeping the office running. As difficult as it is to succeed as an admin, acing that administrative assistant interview can be even more challenging. Here are some of… Read more »

What to Look for in a Staffing Firm

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Tired of moving from one job to the next? Feel like you’re always a rung below where you should be on the corporate ladder? A good staffing agency doesn’t just connect you with your next position, but works tirelessly to help you build a meaningful and lasting career. Just as all job candidates aren’t created… Read more »

How to Select Top Talent from Your Candidate Pool

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You’ve posted your jobs ads and conducted the first round of interviews. Now all you have to do is choose the best person for the job. While you may think the hard part is over now, the truth is that selecting the ideal person from your candidate pool is easier said than done. Here are… Read more »

The Top Jobs This Winter In Texas

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At InStaff, we don’t just help managers staff their businesses for success; we are also committed to helping job candidates find top-notch positions to meet their needs. From locating great job opportunities to securing you the best salary and benefits, we pride ourselves on being employee champions. Whether your talents lie in the clerical field… Read more »

How To Rock Your Next Job Fair

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Think all job hunting is done online these days? While the Internet has revolutionized recruitment processes, career fairs are still great for making personal connections with employers, provided you can find ways to stand out from the pack. Here are some of InStaff’s best tips to help candidates rock their next job fairs: Dress the… Read more »

Should You Be On LinkedIn? And How To Make Your Profile Better.

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Think social media is optional in today’s working world? Well, think again! Although you might not need to be a regular Tweeter or Imgurian to score that new job, LinkedIn is one social platform that’s an absolute must for the modern job seeker. From keeping up with industry trends to connecting you with potential contacts,… Read more »