Building a Relationship With Your Recruiter

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Building a relationship with your recruiter is one of the most important, and potentially lucrative things that you can do.  A respectable recruiter understands your skillset and will contact you when a job becomes available. A recruiter in which you have built a relationship with not only understands what you do, but also knows what… Read more »

Recruiter Tip of the Month

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Recruiter Tip of the Month By: Alyssa Toth Does your resume highlight your skill sets pertinent to the opportunity you are applying for? We see resumes every day that contain too much irrelevant information. It is extremely important that you highlight your skill sets that are directly related to the job description for which you… Read more »

Job Seekers Take Notice

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JOB SEEKERS TAKE NOTICE: With unemployment at an all-time low, in the hottest IT market in over a decade, NOW is the time to set yourself apart from the rest! When competing for a job, it’s important to accentuate your attributes in an effective manner to optimize your chances at winning over the client. No… Read more »

BG Staffing’s President and CEO, L. Allen Baker, Jr., Named to the 2018 Staffing 100 List

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Staffing Industry Analysts’ List Recognizes Top Influencers BG Staffing, Inc. NYSE MKT: BGSF, a rapidly growing national provider of professional temporary staffing services, proudly announces that Staffing Industry Analyst (SIA), the global advisors on contingent work, has named L. Allen Baker, Jr., BG’s  President and Chief Executive Officer, to the  2018 Staffing 100 list. The… Read more »

2018 W-2 Information!

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Looking for your 2018 W-2? We’ve made it easy for you! Login to your Web Center account using the proper link below and opt to receive your W-2 electronically! We think you’ll find this much more efficient and quicker! The simple instructions to opt-in for electronic W-2s are below. (Note: If you continue to get… Read more »