When looking for a new job, there can be a lot of options to explore in determining the best path to move forward.  A good recruiter can help you manage your choices while maintaining your current work/life balance.

  • Recruiters can save you time and effort.  While you may be an expert in your particular field, that doesn’t necessarily keep you in tune with the goings on in other markets or with other companies. Recruiters spend their time building relationships with hiring managers and learning about project opportunities turned down by other candidates that you may be interested in. This will give you access to jobs before they are even posted.

  • Recruiters are on your team. They get paid by making placements, so this gives them a vested interest in your success. While looking out for roles that fit your specific interest and skill sets, it is in their best interest for you to succeed which in turn ensures that the client is happy with your work.

Recruiters help you through the hiring process. Because they have relationships with hiring managers, they will be able to provide insight into the particular styles of the interviewer. They also assist in your interview preparation so that you can put your best foot forward in the first interview.

  • You stay in their database. If the first role you discuss with your recruiter does not work out, they have the ability to reference your information when a role that makes sense for you does come up again.

  • Remember, the recruiter gets paid to fill open jobs, so you are working together to find the right opportunity.

Dave Lamothe, Recruiter