Requests from clients include the most sought-after skill-sets on the market. The hires we’ve made have directly affected ROI and the bottom line. Here are a few success stories we’re proud to share.


A global Fortune 500 company asked BG Creative to help find a Senior Front-End Developer, after an exhausting six-month search. Two weeks and one submittal later, an offer was extended – opening the door for a trusted partnership that included building out their global digital acceleration with efforts to bring the firm to a Fortune 100 within two years. The 12 candidates we’ve placed have been critical hires pivotal for the success of this team.


After nine months of exhausting search efforts that included both in-house resources and external agencies, a national healthcare company sought help to recruit a Marcom Designer (Executive Content & Visual Development). The ideal candidate was to play an integral role supporting C-Levels – a complex, strategic, creative visionary that could bring content strategies to life. Within one hour of the meeting, BG Creative submitted one candidate who ended up accepting the full-time offer.


When you’re working with a trusted client who sees a vision and is credited time and again for that attribute – you want to deliver. BG Creative was tasked with seeking a Video Editor. The ideal candidate encompassed skills from concept and storyboarding, to shooting video and post-production. After submitting five candidates, our client had a tough time making a decision so, in turn, hired them all and created an in-house video production studio.

A $1 billion start-up put all trust in our hands as we helped Asia’s #1 Internet company, on a contingency basis, to build their presence between Santa Clara and Dallas during a massive re-org. We worked directly with the Global COO to hunt the best talent and negotiate complex deals with key hires that included, their CPO, CTO, Global Public Relations Director, VP of Engineering, Director of UX (along with a team of Product Designers), Data Scientists, iOS/Android Developers, Software Engineers, an entire video team, and a slew of Graphic Designers and Content Writers.

A software firm, with a patient acquisition platform for doctors and healthcare providers, brought BG Creative in to assist their VP of Communications. Two months behind on content workflow due to the lack of content writers and QA Editors, BG Creative was able to work within budget constraints and quick turnaround to place seven contractors, all whom eventually converted to full-time, bringing workflow current and allowing their sales front to hunt new business without worry of execution and delivery.