Client Challenge

A large Financial Services company in the Southeast needed a Workday Consultant to review and update various Talent- and Performance-related business processes, including performance reviews, talent reviews, feedback, disciplinary actions, and mass operations.


Identified Resource

Extrinsic identified a dedicated Workday HCM technology professional whom specialized in Workday HCM implementations. Working across multiple industries and countries, she gained experience configuring and implementing various HR and Recruitment systems from SAP to Workday. She’s certified in Workday HCM, Compensation, Talent and Life Cycle Deployment.


Actions & Solutions Delivered

Extrinsic’s consultant was brought in during the Maintenance stage of the client’s implementation. She held review sessions with stakeholders to determine and document proposed changes and discuss system impact. With the information from the stakeholders in hand, she configured their system with the appropriate changes and performed extensive testing, ensuring operations would run smoothly. She then demonstrated the process changes to stakeholders and with their approval, moved the changes to the production environment.



With Extrinsic’s consultant’s experience and strong analytical, project management and problem-solving skills, their client was left with streamlined processes and efficient resolution of in-progress reviews at the project’s end.