A Win for Networking, A Win for the Ravens and an Win for Vision Technology Services

On Sunday December 2, 2017, several members of Vision Technology Services LLC., had the pleasure of attending and watching the Baltimore Ravens football game from the Bank of America skybox, courtesy of Kim Sherman, Sr. Vice President & Sr. Relationship Manager for Bank of America.

As a Technical Recruiter for an IT Technology Consulting firm, I speak with a lot of professionals on a daily basis and one day I found myself speaking with BOA Sr. Vice President, Kim Sherman. After chatting about the Technology Industry for a bit, Kim invited me to attend the Baltimore Raven’s football game from the BOA skybox.

She also asked me to invite some executives from Vision, as in addition to watching the Ravens play, we would have a great opportunity to network with not only BOA exec’s, but also Merrill Lynch & executives from other technology firms.

The next day, I received an overnight envelope via UPS containing 6 VIP skybox tickets & parking pass.

Based on the potential of developing new business from networking with these executives, I invited our Managing Director, Dave Campbell, our Account Executive, Jen Holter, and Recruiting Manager, Jeremy Tuchman. Both Dave & Jen also brought their spouses to round out the Vision team.

Everyone arrived in advance of the game to network, and prior to kickoff, Kim took the time to introduce herself. She then introduced her boss, Sabina Kelly, who is the highest-level BOA executive in the State of Maryland, and Monica Brandes, Sr. Vice President of Client Management.

After introducing her fellow BOA executives, Kim then gave everyone in attendance an opportunity to introduce themselves and their companies. Dave Campbell introduced himself and spoke about Vision Technology Services to the other executive’s present, and then they in turn introduced themselves and their companies to us.

After the introductions, it was time to get ready for kick-off, along with partaking in some great food & drink provided by Bank of America. Networking continued casually during the game and business cards were exchanged, along with invitations to connect on LinkedIn. And, to top it all off, in addition to having a great time meeting & networking with executives from Bank of America, Merrily Lynch and other local Technology firms, the day was made even more perfect by a Ravens 44 – 20 win over the Detroit Lions!

Our team won big and Vision has the potential to develop some new business, a WIN-WIN.

What a great day thanks to Kim Sherman & Bank of America!

Mike McGuirk III, Technical Recruiter, Vision Technology Services

(left to right, above) Sabina Kelly – Greater Maryland President/Bank of America, Dave Campbell – Managing Director/Vision Technology Services LLC., Jen Holter – Account Executive/Vision Technology Services LLC., Jeremy Tuchman – Recruiting Manager/Vision Technology Services LLC., Mike McGuirk – IT Technical Recruiter/Vision Technology Services LLC., Kim Sherman – Sr. Vice President – Sr. Relationship Manager/Bank of America, Monica Brandes – Sr. Vice President – Client Management/Bank of America