Zycron launched its inaugural college scholarship program and partnered with BDPA to identify five information technology students for the 2016 award.

The Zycron BDPA Scholarship Program awarded $2,500 to students pursuing a 2-year or 4-year academic program related to IT. The national program is part of Zycron’s overall education initiatives designed to support students pursuing academic success and to further promote its belief in the power of education. BDPA is a non-profit organization offering education, mentoring, support, and networking opportunities to IT professional members.

“Access to technology and education resources is essential as we prepare the next generation for the workforce,” said Darrell S. Freeman, Sr., Zycron’s founder and executive chairman. “It is a joy to be in a position to contribute to the effort of developing the technology talent pipeline, and I’m committed to finding new ways for businesses to participate in the process. As a member of the Tennessee Board of Regents, I have had an unparalleled inside view of the impact of educational success. And it is my plan to continue supporting organizations that provide access to education resources, because education is the great equalizer.”

Student candidates completed a thorough application that was reviewed by a panel of IT executives from multiple corporations. The applicants were rated on the quality of their essays, their academic achievements and their community involvement.

The recipients of the 2016 Zycron BDPA Scholarship are:

• Ebenezer Adjei Armah – studying computer science at Fisk University.

• Alston Clark – studying computer science at Howard University.

• Danielle Haik – studying computer science at Tennessee State University.

• Kyra Hayes – studying business management at Hampton University.

• Kevin Rabinovich – studying architecture and digital production arts and music at Clemson University.
Freeman said that education is one of his biggest passions, and over the years Zycron has supported numerous education initiatives ranging from donating laptops to high schools to directly providing scholarships to students interested in information technology.

“Charitable work is an element of corporate responsibility that our company insists upon,” he said. “It is a constant reminder of the principles upon which Zycron was founded.”