All companies would like to boast rapid growth and development. However, your business is bound to struggle if you don’t maintain a solid pipeline for talent. Not only will you be unable to fill key positions, but your company will also suffer from the lack of new ideas. Still, finding the right employees is no simple matter. Here are some of InStaff’s tips for building and maintaining your company’s talent pipeline:

Hold Events

Almost every business owner has been in the position of needing to replace workers ASAP. To guarantee a strong talent pipeline, consider hosting events now and then. From open houses to meet-ups, events are a fun, light-hearted way to draw prospective candidates to your business. For best results, be sure to publicize the events on Facebook and Twitter as well as sending messages to your mailing list. And of course you should encourage current employees to attend and share their experiences with the company!

Utilize LinkedIn

Most hiring managers know that LinkedIn is a great recruitment tool for companies of all shapes and sizes. However, you may not have heard of an increasingly popular feature of the site called LinkedIn Pipeline. Created to help companies keep in contact with inactive candidates, LinkedIn Pipeline lets you sort applicants into categories and notifies you of their professional accomplishments. As an added bonus, you can search for candidates based on location, keywords, and other factors.

Work with a Recruiting Company

Of course, you don’t have to build a talent pipelines all on your own. If you’re tired of focusing all your efforts on staffing, consider hiring a recruitment company like InStaff to handle your workforce management. We work closely with your team to create staffing solutions that free you up to focus on what matters most: running a successful business.

Whatever type of staffing need your company has, InStaff’s tenured specialists can help you find the right person for every open position. For more information, fill out our request an employee form or call our recruitment pros for a consultation. We look forward to staffing your business for years to come.