As a modern business owner, you probably know that having a social media presence is essential for promoting your services online. However, you may not realize that social sites are also a great medium for communicating with current and potential customers. Here are just a few of the many ways in which you can use social media to better your customer service performance:

Respond to Comments Faster

These days, buyers want everything at super speed, and customer service is no exception. One of the benefits of using Facebook and Twitter to communicate with customers is that you can respond to feedback and questions almost instantaneously. By addressing customer complaints as they come in, you can reduce the odds of these individuals airing their grievances on Yelp or other review sites. Additionally, being proactive about customer service shows the general public that you truly care about your clients’ satisfaction.

Meet Clients’ Needs

Are you wondering what it is your customers truly desire? Social media offers direct access to your customers’ thoughts and opinions. Not only can you mine info from their social posts, but you can also solicit fast feedback by creating a poll on Twitter or Facebook. Find out what clients desire and tailor your product and service offerings accordingly.

Promote Your Brand

One of the many benefits of using social media is that you can increase brand recognition for your business. By developing a presence on Facebook and Twitter, you create an environment in which consumers can discuss your products and services with like-minded individuals. To boost your potential client base, be sure to post relevant links to outside blogs and news articles as well as promotional materials. As an added bonus, generating more attention on social media can help increase overall traffic to your website, improving SEO in the long term.

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