Think social media is optional in today’s working world? Well, think again! Although you might not need to be a regular Tweeter or Imgurian to score that new job, LinkedIn is one social platform that’s an absolute must for the modern job seeker. From keeping up with industry trends to connecting you with potential contacts, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professional networking. However, it’s not enough to establish a presence on the site; you should also create the strongest possible profile to boost your chances of career success. Here are some of InStaff’s top tips for improving your LinkedIn profile this year:

Update Your Headline

Want to stand out in the LinkedIn landscape? Instead of just using your current title and company name, InStaff recommends that job searchers craft an original headline stating their area of specialization. Many employers mine the LinkedIn listings for potential hires, so don’t be afraid to add a couple keywords related to your professional expertise. Take the time to create a truly awesome headline for your profile and see your ping rate rise.

Add a Picture

Think headshots are just for aspiring actors? In the world of LinkedIn, a good professional headshot can be the difference between scoring that dream position and getting lost in the crowd. In fact, studies show that HR managers are more likely to click on the profile of a candidate with a headshot than one using the generic photo supplied by LinkedIn. Upload a recent pic and reap the rewards in more job offers.

Secure Recommendations

It’s no secret that referrals can have a significant effect on hiring decisions, and the world of LinkedIn recruiting is no exception. Along with showcasing your skills to potential employers, recommendations demonstrate that you can get along with colleagues and peers. Ask former supervisors and clients to post testimonials to your LinkedIn profile to show prospective hiring managers you’re up to the task.

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