Your employees tend to serve as the public face of your company, and their performance can affect both customer satisfaction and retention. While a happy employee may inspire customers to come back for more, less-satisfied staff can drive away business and even cause company performance to suffer. At InStaff, we believe that increasing employee productivity is key to achieving success over the long term. Here are some of our top tips to keep your employees toeing the line:

1. Offer Performance Feedback

Are some of your employees more like tortoises than hares? An effective method of enhancing productivity among your staff is to offer regular performance feedback. Along with telling employees where they need improvement, be sure to let your superstars know their hard work is appreciated. After all, people are more likely to perform well if they know their efforts aren’t in vain. Additionally, performance reviews are a great way to identify your most talented workers and help them develop their skills further.

2. Help Employees Grow

Employee growth is an important part of increasing productivity in the workplace. As bored workers are more likely to slack off on the job, it’s important to keep your staff interested by offering opportunities for training. Along with designating a few minutes a day to career development, the savvy manager will create mentorship programs, schedule seminars, and even fund continuing education initiatives. Give your employees a reason to enhance their skills and reap the rewards in greater performance.

3. Reward a Job Well Done

It’s no secret that workers show up in the office every day because they like being paid. If you’re looking to up productivity levels, think about giving high-performing workers a raise or other incentives. Even a gift card or company-sponsored lunch can be a great way to reward your workers for a job well done.

Hire the Right Employees with InStaff

Unhappy employees are the bane of any business, and a company that doesn’t focus on its workers will likely suffer negative effects over the long term. For more great tips on managing employees, or help finding the best job candidates, contact InStaff. We are here for all your hiring needs throughout the Midwest.