Do your employees while away their hours on Facebook? Are they more likely to tweet at their cube mates than speak to them face to face? In today’s increasingly tech-reliant workplace, social media is a complex and divisive issue. And while you may be tempted to put a permanent ban on all things social, the truth is that Facebook and its many follower sites may have an important place in the modern office. Consider all the benefits and drawbacks of social media before banning the usage outright in your place of business.


Believe it or not, there are a number of benefits to allowing social media in your workplace. For one thing, using social sites actually helps workers be more productive throughout the day. No one can concentrate on work for eight hours straight. Like the water cooler of yore, Facebook and Twitter are great places for workers to clear their heads before returning to the job at hand with a fresh outlook.

Additionally, instituting Facebook-friendly office policies helps you draw a younger employee base to your company. Because they’ve grown up using social media, employees in their twenties and thirties are often hesitant to take positions at companies that block these sites. Adopting more lax practices with regard to social media will help you keep your younger staff, as well as the new perspectives they bring to your business.


Of course, pro-Twitter policies are not without their drawbacks. Allowing social media usage on the job may leave your company liable should an employee post something inappropriate online. Training employees in the usage of social media is the best way to prevent them from posting anything that could be considered libelous or harassing while in the workplace.

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It’s clear that social media usage in the workplace has both positives and negatives. However, in Facebook as in life, a little common sense goes a long way. Instead of banning social sites, or worse blocking them on your employees’ computers, consider requesting that workers use these platforms occasionally and responsibly. Along with being polite and friendly to fellow employees, workers should take care when speaking about the company online.

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