Think you don’t need a resume for that manufacturing job? Think again! In today’s competitive job market, showing up to your interview with a resume in tow tells hiring managers that you have the professionalism and determination to succeed on any warehouse floor. Additionally, resumes give you a leg up on the competition by:

  • Separating you from entry-level candidates
  • Highlighting past industry experience
  • Showing off your computer skills (You never know when a management position requiring Microsoft Office expertise may pop up!)
  • Conveying your incredible attention to detail

Of course, not all resumes are created equal. At InStaff, we specialize in helping manufacturing and warehouse workers craft top-quality resumes that stand out from the crowd. Check out the below tips and then contact our staffing specialists for more information:

Tips for Crafting Your Warehouse Resume

Include an objective statement.

Want to craft a resume that stands out from the pack? Include an objective statement revealing what you hope to gain from your new warehouse role as well as the skills you will contribute to your new company. Able to lift heavy loads? Skilled at supervising colleagues? Put it on paper for a better chance of landing that job.

Highlight past employment.

You don’t necessarily need to mention that summer you spent babysitting for your twin cousins, but a resume is a great place to highlight relevant employment. Include any past warehouse or manufacturing experience as well as jobs where you showed leadership and initiative.

Education and training.

A warehouse job may not require an Ivy league degree; still, your new supervisors will want to hear about any special training you possess. Use your resume to list professional certifications, licenses, computer skills, and any other training that may be of value. Not only will these skills help you land the job, but they may position you for a future promotion, should a better-paying role open up at the company.

Contact InStaff for Help Finding a Warehouse Job

These days, job competition is fierce, and you need a killer resume to beat out the rest of the pack. Fortunately, InStaff is there to assist you throughout your job search. Warehouse staffing specialists, we will provide you with the insight and training you need to get a great job. Contact InStaff today and start your manufacturing career off with a serious bang.