The Interview

You’ve perfected your brand, narrowed down your search and you know the IT field. Now it’s time to nail the interview! You don’t want to be the candidate that’s ill prepared and doesn’t stand out. Sometimes we have an “I should have mentioned that” moment after the interview is over and your fate is now in the hands of the hiring manager. Master your next interview and leave a lasting impression with help from part four of Zycron’s Tips for Landing a Job in IT — The Interview.

Always be prepared.
Preparation goes without saying, right? But what happens if you’re informed that you have a phone interview in 30 minutes, or an in-person interview at 7:30 tomorrow morning? Your prep time may be limited, but it’s always critical. Do a quick online search and make notes about the company and individual you’re scheduled to speak with. Many IT candidates are engaged with more than one potential employer at a time, so these notes might come in handy and help you keep your names and faces straight! Don’t forget to practice answers to typical interview questions such as, “what are your strengths and weaknesses.” Yes, this is a technical interview, but the employer still wants to know you as a person.

Dress to impress.
Many IT folks don’t wear suits and ties on a daily basis. But don’t let that stop you from putting your best foot forward on the day of your interview. Let your potential employer see how nicely you clean up and that you can represent the company very well in the community if the need ever arises.

Exercise common courtesy.
An employer wants to gauge your interpersonal skills during an interview. Turn off your phone, and don’t let technology such as tablets, laptops and other gadgets be a distraction. Arrive early, but not too early. Be considerate of the manager’s time which is probably limited and rigidly scheduled. Be memorable for all the right reasons. Don’t be the guy or gal who bashed your previous employer or who asked about vacation policies before being offered the position.

Remember; it’s your time to shine.
You’ve landed an interview which means this is your opportunity to bring it! Master the delicate balance of being humble while describing why your past project experience makes you a great fit for this position. Treat the interview as a conversation, not a one-sided Q&A session. Ask questions about the company that go beyond what can easily be found on a web site or social media profile; this shows you’re serious and looking for a future with this company. Also remember that many IT hiring managers want an employee who can fit in with the existing team. You may be asked to meet the team during your interview.

Send a thank-you note referring to specific items discussed in the interview. Be politely persistent, but not obnoxious with your follow-up. After an interview, ask if it’s OK to stay in touch and who’s the best person with whom you should follow up. Only keep in touch when you said you would OR when they said you could.

In our fifth and final part of Zycron’s Landing a Job in IT series, we’ll discuss what to do once you’ve landed the job. Until next week, feel free to check out our open jobs at where we also pay referral fees.

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