The Search

Any job search can present some issues, and frankly be downright difficult. There are several job openings, but are they the right fit for you? Part 3 of Landing a Job in IT is all about the job search. Our in-house experts are giving you applicable tips on how to help you maximize your while you look for your next career opportunity.

Perfect your resume
Add a technical summary to the top of your resume that highlights all the software and systems that you’ve worked with. This quick overview of technologies will give a hiring manager a concise snapshot of your capabilities. Many IT hiring managers are looking for subject matter experts who require little to no training. While it’s a good idea to tailor your resume to fit the specific job for which you are applying, don’t leave out key experience that may not be listed in the job description you’re interested in. You may have a skill that’s not listed on the job description, but it’s on the hiring manager’s list of “nice to haves.” Keep your resume concise (no more than three pages), keep the fonts and colors simple, clean and easy to read.

Carefully read job descriptions
Sometimes IT job titles and role descriptions don’t exactly match up. Read the history, scope, client information, services and any other pertinent information on prospective employers. Understand day-to-day responsibilities. Look at the different systems and software that the company is using and see if you have experience in those areas. Also be sure to pay attention to the news and latest trends about what’s happening in that company’s industry which may affect employees and the future of the organization.

Talk to your recruiter
Your Zycron IT recruiter can offer insight into positions for which you’re applying. Many times your recruiter can advise you on the culture of the organization you’re considering, assist with salary negotiation, keep you abreast of what the market will bear, and give advice on other case-by-case scenarios. Be honest and upfront with your recruiter about all information that could possibly affect the job application process.

Consider contract positions
There are great contract opportunities for IT professionals when full-time work may not be an option. Contracts often provide a chance to get experience in a highly-specialized area of IT. It could be a short stint, but packed with accelerated knowledge and experience that sometimes comes with special projects.  Contract work can quickly diversify your resume to make you more marketable, and give you experience that will allow you to command higher salaries.

Next week in Part 4of Zycron’s Landing a Job in IT series, we’ll discuss interview tips. Until then, feel free to check out our open jobs at

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