The Industry

Information technology is without question one of the most successful industries right now, with an unemployment rate far below the national average at 3.5 percent. So, what are some insights into this field where job growth is expected to continue climbing? In Part 2 of Zycron’s Tips for Landing a Job in IT, we’ve compiled a few pointers that are specific to the IT industry.

Can you speak IT?
IT has its own language and lingo. Don’t be afraid to use it when speaking with recruiters or hiring managers, as this is an opportunity to show that you really know your stuff. Articulate your skill set beyond the job title of “software engineer” or “database architect,” and be prepared to describe an in-depth knowledge of your role, processes, experiences and accomplishments.

Understand the future.
Job seekers who display a firm grasp of the future of IT will generally have a leg-up on the competition. Information technology is not static. For instance, if Employer ABC is currently using SharePoint 2010, it would be advantageous to know that SharePoint releases upgrades about every three years. You can make a lasting impression if you describe in your interview what Sharepoint 2013 will mean for your future employer.

Education and certifications.
Whether you’re PMP, Six Sigma or AWS certified, continual learning is a must in IT. If you’ve been in the same role for years, but unexpectedly find yourself in the job market again, you’ll need to brush up on new technologies that have surfaced since you last changed jobs. By staying as educated as possible, you’ll make yourself a more attractive candidate when the right career opportunity presents itself. It also helps when you’ve put these skills and certifications to use in real-world applications and you have more than just book knowledge.

Watch the trends.
Changes in the IT industry are inevitable and sometimes occur at a breakneck pace. Research current trends and make sure you’re up on the latest. Understand what technologies are being considered obsolete by industry leaders. For instance, if mainframe opportunities are being replaced with demand for software, Web or mobile application developers, take note and make the necessary adjustments so you can survive in this ever-evolving industry. Being able to work in this fast-paced industry requires IT professionals to be flexible, nimble, ready to act and react.

Don’t try to fake it.
Do not pretend to know more than you do. Technology folks are savvy and can tell if you’re the real deal. If a skill set is on your resume, make sure you can do it. And, don’t oversell yourself. You do not have to call yourself a “rock star” or a “tech ninja” to get the job. On the flip side of the coin, make sure the key components of your previous roles and latest certifications are clearly communicated. Make sure the hot buzz words are on your resume if you have the expertise to back them up.

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