Remember how it felt to attend a brand new school for the first time? Coming into a company as a temporary employee can be just as scary. Oftentimes, there’s an existing camaraderie among permanent employees, and a temp worker can wind up feeling like the new kid in the cafeteria at lunchtime! Along with causing tension within the office, a lack of group cohesiveness can diminish overall productivity. At InStaff, we specialize in providing businesses with quality permanent and temporary workers. Here are a few tips to help managers ease temporary workers into their companies more effectively:

Host an Orientation

Wanna help your temp employees break out of their shells? Providing a short orientation is a great way to introduce them to your company. Not only does an orientation allow new hires to familiarize themselves with important information, such as employee policies and workplace safety, but it can also serve as an opportunity for them to get to know their coworkers. Once your temp worker knows Tim in accounting has a Goldendoodle named Gilbert, she’ll feel more comfortable asking him for help. Additionally, holding an orientation gives you a chance to learn about new workers’ strengths and interests, which could help you determine how their skills can be used most effectively throughout the company.

Designate One Point of Contact

There’s nothing worse than reporting to six bosses with six different priority sets. To stop temp employees’ heads from spinning, designate a single employee to serve as the new worker’s point of contact. The manager can also oversee the temporary worker’s progress, helping to ensure that he or she is transitioning into company life smoothly.

Plan Team Activities

Just because it’s work doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with coworkers on occasion.

Temporary workers may only stay with your company for a short time, but it’s still crucial for them to feel like part of the family. Invite temporary employees to participate in staff meetings, employee lunches, office parties, and any other team-building activities. By treating temporary workers just like your regular full-time workers, you will make them feel like valuable members of the team, which will in turn motivate them to work harder for you and your company. Just avoid trust falls, as those can inspire awful junior high flashbacks!

Offer Employee Benefits

Typically, temporary workers are left in the lurch when it comes to employee benefits. Want to avoid jealousy in the office while setting your company apart from competitors? Offer temporary workers perks such as vacation pay. Again, treating temp employees like permanent staff is a great way to promote cohesion in your workforce, and offering perks will help boost productivity.

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