InStaff, a leading provider of light industrial staffing services in Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Illinois, has launched a new website at

A division of BG Staffing, Inc., InStaff’s president Beth Garvey returned to Haley Marketing Group of Buffalo, NY (who created BG Staffing, Inc’s site) to create a highly unique website for InStaff’s users. The site not only presents all of it’s content in one long-scrolling page, but takes advantage of motivational and celebratory imagery to let job seekers and employers visiting the site that InStaff sees itself differently than other light industrial staffing sites.

“We have a very positive attitude at InStaff and we know that that makes us different – and brings people back to work with us,” says Garvey. “We wanted our site to reflect the way we look at helping people looking for a job or employers looking for the right people – that it’s our privilege to make a difference for them. Job searches and hiring aren’t at the top of anyone’s favorite things to do. I wanted our site to stand out and make it just that much easier for people to see that working with us will ease their minds.”

Light industrial staffing in Texas and the Midwest has a fresh look. Check out InStaff’s new site today.