Perfecting the job-hunting process takes just about as much energy as a full-time career. To help you navigate the process, we’ve compiled a few tips from recruiters at Zycron, Nashville’s largest tech services firm. We will share them with you in this five-part series that will cover personal branding, insight into the IT field, finding the right job for you, the interview and, last but not least, how to keep the job after you land it!

The Brand

From networking events to social media profiles, the focus is always on you. Are you maximizing this opportunity to showcase your personal strengths and highlight skills that set you apart? Part 1 of Landing a Job in IT is about The Brand – as in your personal brand.

  • Polish your social media image. Make sure all your public profiles are professional and free of controversy. Whether you’re the #1 fan or the biggest critic of the current political administration, this has no place in your public image as a career candidate. Take a critical eye to your Facebook profile and delete comments or photos that are unflattering. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete, because recruiters are increasingly more savvy about finding both active and passive job seekers through such non-traditional channels.
  • Network! Participate in events hosted by people in the IT industry or companies where you want to work. All major cities have technology councils or user groups who host monthly activities for IT professionals. Whether your specific skills are in .NET, project management or health IT, get involved with groups who are active and where a recruiter is first likely to look for someone with your credentials. Again, this process is an investment of time and sometimes a few dollars at a career fair or after hours workshop to connect with the right individuals. Also consider volunteering with an IT-focused nonprofit.
  • Know your value and share it. After you’ve made the right connections, you’ll want to quickly communicate your unique skill set. Of course you want to highlight your technical skills, but also share your communications or sales experience that might make you even more valuable to an employer. IT employers seek technically competent professionals who can also fit their company culture and seamlessly become a part of the existing team. Codify your unique mix of skills into a few short sentences and be prepared to quickly share that information with recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Create a digital portfolio. If you really want to stand out, develop a web page that showcases your education, experience, skills and any special projects you’ve produced. Don’t rely on your resume as the only method of highlighting your expertise. Create a personal branding website as a supplement to your resume to show why you’re the right candidate for the job.
  • Develop a relationship with a recruiter. The IT consulting business is very fast paced. The perfect job opportunity for you may crop up any day. Maintain a relationship with an IT recruiter who can quickly contact you as new jobs arise. A recruiter can also offer feedback on what’s missing from your resume. Use the time when you’re not on the job to brush up on new skills and get certified in areas that will make you a more attractive candidate when the right opportunity presents itself. If you want to learn more about our opportunities, call 877-890-8802 to connect with a Zycron recruiter in your area.

Next week in Part 2 of Zycron’s Landing a Job in IT series, we’ll discuss insights into the IT industry. Until next week, feel free to check out our open jobs at where we also pay referral fees.