MEMPHIS, Tenn.. – Zycron, Inc. today announced that its newest corporation Zycron-Memphis, a wholly-owned subsidiary established in March, will take the lead in expanding Zycron’s information technology services offerings in the Mid-South region.

With a local presence in the Mid-South since 2003, Zycron’s operations in Memphis have been such a tremendous source of its recent growth in revenue and staff that it now requires a separate entity.  Today, more than $ 4.2 million in annual payroll is distributed to Zycron-Memphis employees and in January, Zycron announced a 92 percent net increase in its number of Memphis employees in 2009.

“After six years of sustained growth in the Memphis community it became clear that we needed to establish a separate company to serve the Bluff City community,” Zycron Founder and Chairman Darrell S. Freeman said.

Establishing Zycron-Memphis as a separate company results in almost all revenue generated by the regional company staying in the City of Memphis. The company will have more authority to make independent decisions and will be more empowered to serve the City.

Zycron’s Project Management Office (PMO) is located in Memphis and currently manages more than $16 million of information technology projects for the City of Memphis. Zycron supports the City’s IT initiatives by providing the PMO that governs and executes the City’s IT projects and programs. Other clients that have supported Zycron’s growth in the Mid-South region are FedEx, Memphis Light Gas and Water and the City of Memphis.

Commitment to the City of Memphis

Zycron’s connection with the City of Memphis is a long-standing commitment that has blossomed through the years and has heightened in recent months.

“I know just how proud Memphians are of their city because I married a lady who grew up in the famous Orange Mound neighborhood,” Freeman said. “Our president and CEO Steven Howard Smith was born and educated in Memphis and still lives here.”

The Memphis City School Board in March presented Freeman with a Certificate of Appreciation for being a dedicated partner and a positive influence in the community. As recorded in the March 15, Memphis City School Board minutes, “The Board is always grateful to individuals and organizations who take an interest in serving as community partners at Memphis City Schools. One such person is Darrell Freeman Sr., the chairman of Zycron, Inc., a company that recently became involved as a community partner at Winchester Elementary School.”