Zycron Timeline 2009

New joint venture in Colombia, South America, adds more than 300 employees

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville-based Zycron, Inc. today announced that it has formed Zycron Latin America, an information technology solutions company based in Colombia, South America, which employs nearly 500 professionals world-wide.

Zycron Latin America is a joint venture between 18-year-old Zycron Inc., the majority owner of the new entity, and Productora de Software Latin America (PSL), a world-renowned software provider. Zycron Latin America offers American firms offshore IT services at CMMI Level 5 competency, the highest rating of an organization’s software development processes.

“Our clients are global companies who look for global delivery solutions,” said Steven Howard Smith, president of Zycron, Inc. and Zycron Latin America. “We have combined Zycron’s strength as one of the best IT services firms in the U.S. with the credentials of one of the world’s best software development companies. We are excited about enhancing our clients’ effectiveness with this innovative solution.”

With four locations in Mexico City, Mexico, Medellín and Bogotá, Colombia, and Murcia, Spain, Zycron Latin America offers services and products including application development services, application management, IT process outsourcing, and software engineering best practices.

As the business in Latin America grows, Zycron expects to create new account executive and project management jobs in the U.S. at its existing locations in Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga and Dallas.

“Globalization accelerates the importance of bringing international talent into an organization,” Smith said. “Executives who wish to visit offshore sites can get to Latin America easier and quicker than anywhere in Asia. Also, many areas of Latin America are in our time zone, making it easier and more efficient for American companies to do business during standard hours.”

Nashville-based Latitude Outsourcing, a women-owned outsourcing consulting firm led by Sylvia Marcela Gómez, Tatia Cummings and Tera Vazquez, introduced Smith to Jorge H. Aramburo Siegert, founder of PSL. Latitude Outsourcing also has a small interest in Zycron Latin America.

Founded in 1985, PSL was the eighth company in the world to achieve CMMI Level 5 status, the first and only Latin American firm to achieve SW-CMM Level 5 in 2002, and became the first IT company in the region to obtain ISO 9001:1994 and ISO 9001:2000 certification.

“Our approach to any business relationship is with a greater purpose. We cultivate relationships with our partners, clients and employees to develop and maintain the quality of work our clients deserve,” Aramburo said. “Our joint venture with Zycron is built on the same foundation. We will serve our clients in the United States with the level of quality and personal attention for which we have always striven.”