Darrell Freeman, CEO Zycron

Whereas, Darrell Freeman has been a member of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce since 1992, when he quickly became involved in small business programming;

Whereas, during his membership tenure, Darrell Freeman has contributed his time and talents to the organization, as evidenced through a variety of activities involving his companies:

  • Zycron was one of the first “Friends of the Chamber.”
  • Zycron has served as the supporting sponsor for the CEO Speaker Series.
  • Zycron served as a sponsor of the Small Business Summit in 2007.
  • Zycron is a supporting sponsor for the 2008 Annual Celebration.
  • Music City Builders, in which Pinnacle Construction participates, is a presenting sponsor for the 2008 Leadership Study Mission.
  • Zycron serves as a sponsor of the Nashville Technology Council.

Whereas, his leadership skills culminated in his being elected to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors in 2002;

Whereas, in 2004, he was asked to serve as vice chair for small business, a role which placed him on the Chamber’s Executive Committee;

Whereas, his contributions to the board were further recognized when he was named chair-elect of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors for 2005–2006, the end of his first board term;

Whereas, in 2006, Darrell Freeman became chair of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors and committed his efforts to positioning the Chamber as a strategic and powerful leader in the community;

Whereas, the personal commitment Darrell Freeman has for education and economic development issues has been transferred to his work as board chair and propelled the Chamber to new levels of accomplishment in these important community and regional issues;

Whereas, in the last two years, Darrell Freeman, working with the board, has led or been involved in:

A change in the staff leadership of the Chamber, as evidenced by the hiring of a new president and CEO, the creation and hiring of a chief education officer, the creation and hiring of a CEO for the Chamber’s Public Benefit Foundation, and a new president of the Nashville Health Care Council;

  • A change in the governance of the organization, as evidenced by the restructuring of the Chamber board and bylaws;
  • A rebuilding of the Chamber’s finances and reserves;
  • A change in the Chamber’s brand and mission, which has focused on the core values of the organization as an economic development and membership organization;
  • Organizational efforts for inclusion, including broadening diverse representation on the Board of Directors, the involvement of more diverse business leaders in Chamber membership and programs, and participation in Mayor Dean’s Small Business Summit;
  • Policy initiatives focused on a Chamber-coordinated visit by President George W. Bush and the broadcast of two televised mayoral debates; support for non-discrimination legislation, the building of a new downtown convention center, the competitive cable and video services act, and improved funding of education, and opposition to English-first legislation; and
  • Special efforts for community projects, such as the successful Our Team campaign to sell Nashville Predators tickets.

Whereas, his pursuit of excellence in all he does and believes in is clear and reflected in his fulfillment of the duties and responsibilities of the board chair position; Therefore, be it resolved that the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is publicly recognizing and applauding the leadership of Darrell Freeman due to his dramatic and positive impact upon the Chamber for the last two years and upon its future as an organization;

Therefore, be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be shared with Darrell Freeman and communicated to the membership of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Presented by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors May 22, 2008.